Cheating in Marathon Running

Story of Julie Miller, who cheated in multiple triathlon races: The difference between cheating in 1980 and cheating today is that it’s much harder to get away with now. What trips up contemporary cheaters, Empfield said, is their false assumption that the only thing they have to worry about is their timing chip, the device… Read more »

Petya key decoder

I made a decoder for key of Petya ransomware. It works for Stage 1 of encryption – if the system was not rebooted after the infection. Research about a possibility to decrypt Stage 2 is in progress. UPDATE: 8-th April 2016 Petya at Stage 2 has been cracked by leo-stone. Read more: and…. Read more »

Petya: Disk Encrypting Ransomware

Updated 2016-04-03: Edited to add more details about the encryption scheme. Petya is a new ransomware with an evil twist: instead of encrypting files on disk, it will lock the entire disk, rendering it pretty much useless. Specifically, it will encrypt the filesystem’s master file table (MFT), which means the operating system is not able… Read more »

Mousejacking – what you need to know

US startup Bastille Networks boldly claims to be “the first and only company to completely secure the Enterprise,” even though it doesn’t have any products on its website yet. But it is nevertheless making waves with a vulnerability it’s calling Mousejacking, caused by a raft of security problems the company says it’s found in numerous… Read more »

The Fundamental Insecurity of USB

p>This is pretty impressive: Most of us learned long ago not to run executable files from sketchy USB sticks. But old-fashioned USB hygiene can’t stop this newer flavor of infection: Even if users are aware of the potential for attacks, ensuring that their USB’s firmware hasn’t been tampered with is nearly impossible. The devices don’t… Read more »

Clear Your Cookies? You Can’t Escape Canvas Fingerprinting

So tracking is getting even trickier, it seems canvas fingerprinting would work in any browser that supports HTML5 and is pretty hard to stop as a user, as it’s a basic feature (a website instructing your browser to draw an image using canvas). And it turns out, every single browser will draw the image slightly… Read more »

Hacking Your Fridge – Internet of Things Security

So one of the latest fads is IoT or the Internet of things phenomena which has been talked about for a while (especially since the discussion of IPv6 started), IoT is connecting physical items to the Internet and giving them some kind of IP (be in NAT or a proper IPv6 address). This enabled you… Read more »

Cybercrooks Breed Self-Cloning Mutant That Steals Your Bank Details

Cybercrooks have put together a botnet client which bundles in worm-like functionality that gives it the potential to spread quickly. Seculert warns that the latest version of the Cridex (AKA Geodo) information stealing Trojan includes a self-spreading infection method. Infected PCs in the botnet download a secondary strain of malware – an email worm – from… Read more »

Yes, your smartphone camera can be used to spy on you…

Yes, smartphone cameras can be used to spy on you – if you’re not careful. A researcher claims to have written an Android app that takes photos and videos using a smartphone camera, even while the screen is turned off – a pretty handy tool for a spy or a creepy stalker. University student Szymon… Read more »

Pirated ‘Watch Dogs’ Game Made A Bitcoin Mining Botnet

Pretty smart idea this one, we wrote about Yahoo! spreading Bitcoin mining malware back in January, but we haven’t really seen any of that type of activity since then. But this, this is a much better target audience – gamers with high powered GPUs! Especially as this is one of most hyped ‘next-gen’ games for… Read more »