Seriously, Put Away The Foil

I was scanning the headlines this morning, as I do, and came across this article by YLE Uutiset (News). — “Finnish police: Keep your car keys in the fridge”

Finnish police: keep your car keys in the fridge

From YLE’s article:

“These so-called smart keys work by emitting a signal when the driver touches the door handle. The lock opens when it recognises the key’s signal. Criminals have technology that can strengthen that signal even from a hundred metres away—well inside the residential property where most owners keep their keys, according to Eero Heino of the If insurance company.”

So, should you keep your keys in a refrigerator?

Car key in a fridge

Don’t. (Cold can damage some batteries.)

Well, what about foil?

No. Put away the foil…

Look, if you have a car that’s actually valuable enough to be concerned about – get yourself a Faraday bag. Here’s one designed to fit a phone.

Car key in a Faraday bag

A very handy item to have when traveling abroad to “certain countries“.

Wickr branded Faraday bag

I got mine from the fine folks at Wickr. A quick search on Amazon yields results starting at about 10 bucks.

Or hey, here’s an idea, perhaps insurance companies could start giving customers Faraday bags when insuring an expensive car?

Just a thought.

(The post has been translated with explicit permission of F-Secure)

Source: Seriously, Put Away The Foil

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