This is my personal blog. I will write mainly about my work of website translator and localizer, and software localizer. I will post translation samples: from subtitling and translating unpublished videos (mostly related to information technology, it-security, network security, open source, Windows, Linux and much else…) to the translation of articles related to the open source world, website translation and localization, the most interesting software related to translation and much else…)

Stay tuned !!!

My name is Leonardo, I am graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures and thanks to my thesis (a linguistic analysis of English language used in email ), I developed a great interest in the web world and therefore attended the “Asp (Active Server Pages) Expert” course, during which I was able to know the relational databases (in particular Sql Server 2000), Visual Basic 6.0, html formatting and Asp (Active Server Pages) framework.

Then I attended the “Master Course in Informatics for Public Administration and E-Government ” , related to IT projects management in Public Administration and private companies. During the following three months of training period, I collaborated to the realization of a project regarding the technical and content upgrading of three local portals ( ), through the use of an Open Source Content Management System (Xmambo 4.5).

I also attended the “Specialization Course in Networking and Security Techniques ” in order to acquire the Cisco Ccna certification ) on the various techniques of networking, routing, switching and digital network protection .

I attended also the course “ Computer forensics and digital investigations: informatics and legal techniques of incident response management” at the Faculty of Law in Milan, during which I could learn the basics of computer investigation ( digital, computer and network forensics , in particular related to the analysis of mobile devices – cell phones, smartphones, iphone, ipod, mp3 players, game consoles, PDAs -). the investigations of SIM / USIM cards ; and more generally, through a multi-disciplinary approach ( informatics and legal , technical, investigative ) how to handle the emergencies related to a computer incident and how to manage the flow of digital information both in the public and private sectors. Therefore evaluate, acquire and manage the digital evidence and the electronic information in general, both for procedural purposes ( criminal, civil, employment and administrative law) and for conducting internal and/or business investigations .

For translating I generally use the following CAT tools: Omegat and Poedit and Trados 2007.

I do not have a standard rate.

Generally my rate is based on a thorough analysis of the text to be translated:

— Genre (I am specialized in Computer Science, Web/Software Localization, Digital Forensics ).

It is fundamental to specify the genre: saying “the translation is about computer science” may mean everything: “computer science” could be a simple text that explains how to turn on a computer, or the manual (if existing 🙂 …) to govern the space shuttle :).

Format (pdf, doc, xls, ppt, swf, jpeg, bitmap, gif, etc. …)

Project volume

Delivery times

Payment terms

For more information and / or a free estimate, please contact me

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