(Italiano) Come spegnere i motori di migliaia di auto da remoto

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Hacking Instagram to Get Free Meals in Exchange for Positive Reviews

This is a fascinating hack: In today’s digital age, a large Instagram audience is considered a valuable currency. I had also heard through the grapevine that I could monetize a large following — or in my desired case — use it to have my meals paid for. So I did just that I created an… Read more »

Non muoverti e il malware per Android non farà danni

Due app, (ora non più) presenti nel Google Play Store, che dovrebbero essere di pubblica utilità, più precisamente una per convertire valuta (Currency Converter) e l’altra per prolungare la durata della batteria dello smartphone (BatterySaverMobi); in realtà integrano un malware attivato dal movimento: se i sensori presenti sui dispositivi delle vittime rilevano movimento, non sono… Read more »

Quiz ruba-dati infettano gli utenti Facebook

Dopo lo scandalo di Cambridge Analytica altri quiz sono accusati di aver rubato dati agli utenti Facebook. Qualcosa, però, è cambiato stavolta: Facebook accusa gli utenti di aver installato alcuni plugin (che infettavano gli utenti mascherandosi da quiz) e, di conseguenza, aver compromesso la propria sicurezza volontariamente. Gleb Sluchevsky e Andrey Gorbachov, accusati di aver… Read more »

(Italiano) Il malware Digmine estrae crittovaluta via Facebook

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Tracking People Without GPS

Interesting research: The trick in accurately tracking a person with this method is finding out what kind of activity they’re performing. Whether they’re walking, driving a car, or riding in a train or airplane, it’s pretty easy to figure out when you know what you’re looking for. The sensors can determine how fast a person… Read more »

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    Pronounce, or rather, to pronounce english words correctly

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    You have a smattering of English, but some words you find during your surfing are particularly hard? Once again the old Firefox 🙂 comes to your aid: with the pronounce add-on, thanks to the services available on merriam-webster.com, you can hear the exact pronunciation of an english word. How? Simple: install the firefox add-on, then… Read more »

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    What is phishing?

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    What is “phishing”? Phishing is a practice that’s become very popular lately. Phising is where the hacker or the thief sends an email posing as a legitimate firm that you might legitimately do business with. Most popular are eBay, Pay Pal, and banks. In this email it will explain something to the effect that you… Read more »

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    Qtranslate, the ultimate plugin for localizing wordpress

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    The first post of this new blog will be dedicated to whom has partly contributed to its realization. How? Having a blog completely bilingual and using a plugin for completely localizing wordpress in one or more languages, or if you prefer, for creating a really effective wordpress multilingual blog. I’ve tried some plugins: Babel, Polyglot,… Read more »